Can you get a perfect fitting hair system when you order your hair online?

If you are already wearing a hair system, you understand how important it is to have your hair system fit perfectly. If it does not fit your head properly it can “bag” at the top  instead of fitting snugly to your scalp, or it can buckle around the perimeter.

Other problems can occur when you are bonding your hair system to your scalp. When you apply a full bond to your entire scalp, it will wrinkle if your hair system does not fit correctly.

The best way of getting a perfect fit is to send one of your recently worn hair systems. It is vital that the hair system that you send us fits you like a glove. We can then duplicate the hair system making any necessary changes you require such as a different base material, colour, density or length.

However, if you dont have one to spare and you would like to order a custom hair system, you can simply order one of our easy to use fitting kits.  It includes a template and colour chart.

If you live in South East Queensland, you can visit our clinic on the Sunshine Coast, where our hair technician will make a template of your head shape and consult with you on any other considerations that you need to make regarding colour, density etc. to achieve a natural looking head of hair.

When ordering your custom hair piece from HLCQ this service is totally free.