Tip # 1 When using  blue boomerang  tapes for a hair system with a lace front.

Make sure you change them often. I know it feels secure and you think its okay to leave it another day, and then another day. DON’T , The longer you leave the blue tape on, the more it will break down and if you are using it on a lace front, it will be EXTREMELY hard to get the glue out of the lace.


Tip # 2   Cleaning your hair system after a full head bond.

If you are using a full head bond you should have 2 hair systems that you are alternating. When you take one off, you should soak it in an ice cream container with Di-solv it just covering it. This will help break down the adhesive. Then if it is a skin/poly base you can gently wipe the adhesive off with a hand towel. If it is a lace base, leave it to soak for an hour then use the pressure of the water from the tap to dislodge the adhesive from the lace.  If there is still some adhesive left in the base, REPEAT the soaking.

Tip # 3   Hair systems unlike natural hair get no oils from your scalp to protect the hair and make it shiny.

Therefore you have to add moisture to the hair in your hair system. If you don’t, the hair will become brittle, dry and dull. The best products to use are Leave –in moisturizers. One I love is Scwarzkopf Hair Repair. They keep the hair soft shiny and manageable and stop brittle hair from breaking off. Remember the better you look after your hair system, the longer it will last!


Tip # 4   Don’t over wash your hair system.

By this, I mean that if your hair is fully bonded to your scalp, your hair system hair is not getting oily or sweaty. But your hair around the sides and back is. Therefore you can just shampoo your own hair around the sides and back and rinse the hair system with water and a little conditioner. By not shampooing your hair system so often the colour and condition will last longer.


Tip # 5    Why we don’t sell solvents

I have been in the hair replacement industry for over twenty years and all the techs I have worked with use a product called Di-Solv It which you can buy in bulk from Bunnings. It is a citrus based solvent. Either dab the end of towel in the solvent and wipe the residue away from tape tabs after removing lace. Or if you have a full head bond refer to the tip#2 at the top of the page.


Tip # 6 Why is it important to use Organic Products on my hair system?

Most shampoos and conditioners from the supermarket contain nasty chemicals such as Sodium Laurel sulphates. These chemicals are harsh, they are used as degreasers on workshop floors.  The hair in your hair system is not growing and regenerating itself, therefore you cannot afford to use shampoos that are stripping both the colour and moisture from the hair. We stock some of the best  Australian organic hair care products available.


If you have any questions regarding care and maintenance of your hair system please contact us – we are here to help.